Ohana for Lunch: Put Down the Bread

January 21st, 2016

It’s lunch time, and you want to grab something quick. You don’t have time to sit down for long, and you want to get something on the run. A day-old sandwich? Processed fast food? Hey, how about that new Ohana Acai in Fremantle? Good choice!

Our delicious Acai bowls are the best lunch in Perth – delicious, healthy, and filling to boot. So, why choose Ohana Acai over your usual takeaway lunch?

We’ve done the groundwork and come up with a few key reasons:

Good Fast Food

Ohana’s Acai bowl recipes are designed to make you feel good – both physically and mentally. Acai is an Amazonian superfood that’s packed with all the good stuff, including antioxidants, fibre, and amino acids. Combined with incredible locally sourced fresh fruit, homemade crunchy granola, and a serve or two of extra superfoods (we recommend the Goji berries!), our Ohana Acai bowls are not just tasty – they’re good for you! Eating healthily is a proven way to improve your overall wellbeing and promote positive vibes for both your mind and body. So instead of grabbing a burger or sandwich on the go, pick up a different type of fast food next time you go out for lunch!

Keep Your Energy Up

Ever feel sluggish or unmotivated after lunch? Eating unhealthy, processed, or carbohydrate-heavy food can lead to a fatigued, heavy feeling that will ensure you aren’t working or operating to the best of your ability. Eating bread in particular can lead to troubles with your digestive system and a much longer processing time – which means that sluggish feeling won’t leave without a fight. Grabbing an Ohana Acai Bowl for lunch will not only ensure you don’t have the post-lunch blues, it will have the opposite effect! Our special Acai bowl recipes are paleo, homemade and low in sugar – plus all the delicious natural ingredients in there will ensure an energy boost and a lovely healthy feeling for the rest of the day.

Get What You Want

Takeaway lunches are often incredibly unsatisfying or just simply unappetising. They are pre-packed, pre-designed, and exist only to provide a quick hit to your digestive system. Ohana’s Acai bowls are created by you using our natural, homemade and unprocessed ingredients. We care about what we eat, and we care about what you eat too! We believe in a balanced lifestyle aided by the superfood goodness of Acai, and we want to shout it from the rooftops.

Next time you head out for lunch, give one of our scrumptious Ohana Acai bowls a try – and skip the bread!