Acai Bowl: Healthy Food For Your Unborn Baby

February 2nd, 2016

It can be incredibly difficult to keep track of what you should or shouldn’t be eating while pregnant. It’s a time when what you put into your body really matters, and it’s important that you stay healthy for the little person growing inside you. Most of us know the key foods that you shouldn’t be eating – but what is good for you and your little jellybean?

Mums-to-be, meet Acai berries!

An Amazonian superfood, Acai berries are full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids and fibre. Our nourishing Acai bowl recipes start off with these amazing berries and build on them, throwing in fresh fruit, homemade paleo granola, and your choice of add-ins like almonds, protein powder or energy-boosting Goji berries. Our recipes contain absolutely no gluten, dairy, eggs, soy or probiotics – meaning they are perfect for maintaining the health of both mum and bub. They are also packed with all the right vitamins and minerals.

We highly recommend our Acai bowls for pregnant Mums, because they are not only a healthy option with a bunch of energy and concentration boosters – they are also a fantastic way to keep up or improve your mental health. Pregnancy can be a beautiful time, but it can also be exhausting. Keeping up a positive mentality and feeding your brain the right food is super important for both you and your baby. Foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, gluten, or processed sugars aren’t doing your physical or mental health any favours: they only serve to make you full for a few hours and make your body feel sluggish and tired.

Natural, homemade food like our Acai bowls are the ideal option for Mums who are trying to keep their minds and bodies healthy during pregnancy. Eating one of our delicious bowls for breakfast or lunch will lead to a fantastic, nourished feeling, with no fatigue or bloating in sight. At Ohana Acai, we designed our recipes carefully because we care about what we eat – and we care about what you and your baby eat too! Our Acai bowls are designed by you, and our ingredients are all fresh, homemade and locally sourced.

Ohana Acai offers the most healthy and nourishing breakfast, lunch or treat for expecting Mums in Perth. Our Acai bowls are made fresh to order with homemade unprocessed ingredients, and are completely guilt-free. Ohana means family, and we love to celebrate the families in our community.

Come and find us in Fremantle today and try your first fantastic Ohana bowl – we promise that you and your bub will love it!